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Aviation oils and greasings
Индустриальные масла и смазки
масло МС-8П Авиационные масла и смазки
Авиационное масло АМГ-10
масло АМГ-10

                          Oils  &  lubricants   for   aviation   and   industry

Авиационное масло ИПМ-10
Масла из Европы
ИПМ-10 масло ИПМ-10
Турбинные масла Масла для гидравлики Авиационные масла Компрессорные масла  
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Импортные масла Мобил, Шелл, Эксон

Our news:

19.08.2010 г.
Today have started the new version of our site in work.

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безналоговые компании

The company has been delivering integrated supply of lubricants and oils to the enterprises since 2002.
Especially, the company has a competitive advantage in the sphere of procurement of lubricants towards the companies of aeronautics and engineering. 
The company’s policy declares strict adherence to execution of its obligations given both to suppliers and clients.
Thus, the company has gained an impeccable reputation due to the trusting relationship with partners and actively participates in supplying enterprises in some state-members of The Commonwealth of The Independent States (CIS).
Especially, The Company  tends to make mutual-beneficial  agreements with the following companies. 
- Companies exploiting special  machinery, aircrafts and helicopters produced in the Russian Federation  including technical maintenance and support,
- Service companies assuring technical support of named types of machinery, 
- Trading companies providing oils and lubricants, as well as component and spare parts for aviation and industrial equipment;
- Power stations and power plants of all types  (including nuclear),
- Engineering companies performing installation and commissioning of industrial equipment for power enterprises;  
- Sea shipping  and cargo companies, owning vessels, tracks and road-building machinery produced in Russia; 

- Companies performing oil and gas –extracting and transporting,
- Companies producing, delivering and distributing of oil and gas, as well as companies which owns and  conducting maintenance of oil and  gas mines, transporting pipelines and industrial facilities;
- Industrial corporations and manufactures of aeronautics, engineering, aerospace producing, oil and gas proceeding.

Трансформаторные масла
Авиационные смазки Циатим

Adress: Room2, Building 22, St. Strazh Revolutsii, Russia, 603014 
Phone: +7(831) 270-41-54, 270-27-78, 270-44-76, 224-69-98, 414-44-88

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